A weakened structure will negatively impact the value of a home and cause unnecessary worry for homeowners. The best way to address this kind of issue is to understand what brought on the foundation or slab problem in the first place, and then tailor a foundation repair solution for the situation at hand. American Structure Inc. has been in business since 2008 with more than 75 years of Combined experience handling soil improvement, deep foundation repair, and all types of structural repair.

One thing foundation problems all have in common is that they will only get worse when ignored, leaving you exposed to potential property damage. Our team of highly trained experts can repair your foundation and stabilize your home, once again making it structurally sound. We provide helical pile installations, concrete shoring wall installations, and other foundation repair solutions throughout Arkansas. Learn more about our many foundation repair services below, and reach out to us to get started with a free estimate for your project.

Prevent Foundation Settlement With Pre-Construction Helical Piers

Smart contractors understand the value of preventative maintenance.  Pre-construction helical piers are an inexpensive way to prevent foundation settlement before it has a chance to begin, ensuring a stable foundation.  Unlike push piers which require resistance, helical piers are torque driven like a screw (whi

ch is why they’re also referred to as “screw piles”) into the soil where a foundation is to be poured.  Once the proper

soil resistance is achieved, top plates are fastened to the top of the pile shafts, allowing concrete to be poured directly on top.  Thus, the weight of the foundation is resting not on unstable soils, but on the load-bearing helical piles.

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