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The winter is behind us now and we can start enjoying the summer sun! It’s time for days by the pool, barbeques, picnics, and the like! While summer is one of our favorite seasons, your foundation isn’t much of a fan. Here at American Structure Inc., we find ourselves rather busy during the summer season. This is for a few reasons. First, people have more free time to get their home improvement projects completed. It also means that we’re less likely to be impeded by extreme weather. But the main reason is that the summer months are rough on your foundation. Learn more in this post and if you’re in need of foundation repair in North Little Rock, give us a call today!



Here in Arkansas, as you well know, it gets pretty darn hot. But the heat isn’t the real reason that your foundation is more susceptible to damage. The main cause is the rapid change in moisture levels and temperatures. The spring is known for rainstorms, so the soil is obviously wetter, which allows it to expand. Then the summer heat hits which dries out all of this moisture, making the soil suddenly contract. When the fall comes around, the cooler and wetter temperatures cause the soil to suddenly expand once again.

Your foundation, as long as it was properly done, was built to withstand a ton of pressure but if the temperatures get to the extreme, the concrete will dry out and the structure can be damaged. Foundation inspections are highly recommended during the summer months to ensure that everything is in good condition.

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Foundation damage usually begins small, such as cracks. However, if not taken care of the damage will only get worse. Failing to get home foundation repair will eventually lead to such issues as plumbing problems, doors and cabinets that aren’t able to close, sagging roofs, and much more. Sometimes you can’t actually see the damage, but hear it. If your foundation is taking on more pressure than it can handle, you will hear a non-stop groaning sound. Stay attentive to your foundation and if you notice any signs of damage then contact American Structure Inc. as soon as possible.


While there are many ways to prevent foundation damage, the most common and effective technique is to make sure that the levels of moisture around your house stay consistent. During extreme heat, it’s recommended to water the soil around your home and your foundation itself. The best way to do this is to buy a soaker hose and place it a little less than two feet from your home. Another technique is to strategically plant bushes and/or trees around your landscape. Be sure they are not too close and not too far from your foundation. The roots will trap the moisture to prevent the soil from drying out.

If you have noticed damage to the foundation or would like to be safe and get a foundation inspection to make sure that nothing is wrong, then do not hesitate to contact American Structure Inc. for foundation repair in North Little Rock.