Along with our other construction services, American Structure provides full-service concrete services, and have been serving Arkansas since 2008. Our unique approach to fulfilling your concrete repair needs allows us, and ultimately you, to save time and money while providing a high-quality concrete product. To ensure that you get the right product at the right price, we provide free estimates to all of our customers. Call us today to inquire more about any of the services listed below.

At American Structure Inc. We Offer the Following Services

Helical Supported Foundations

New Construction Helical Pile Designed Foundations

Concrete Slabs

At American Structure, we have the expertise and experience to install new, or repair and retrofit any concrete slabs.

Concrete Walkways

We offer a broad range of concrete finishes for residential and commercial walkways, driveways and other surfaces. We can create texture in the concrete to achieve many different looks.

Retaining – Site – Screen Walls

To help create contours and rises in the landscape, clients have often turned to retaining walls. At American Structure, we have extensive experience building & repairing concrete retaining walls.

Other Services

American Structure Inc. can service all your concrete repair and installation needs. In addition to the services listed above we can create:

  • Sitework & Pad prep
  • Architectural Steel
  • Crack Stitching & Staples
  • Demolition & Haul away
  • Masonry & Concrete repair work
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Quality Services

Get the quality services you need by contacting us today. We offer you services like foundation repairs, waterproofing, and drainage.