Why Foundation Repair Can't Wait Hero

While performing foundation repair in North Little Rock, it’s common for us to experience damage that has very clearly been taking place for an extended amount of time. While there may be some things in life that you can ignore and have the problem disappear, damage to your home’s foundation is not one of those situations. The condition of your house relies on a structurally sound foundation, and although we understand the unwillingness to pay for construction services, you’re only doing yourself, and your wallet, a disservice by not immediately confronting the problem.

At American Structure Inc., we are committed to providing incomparable customer service. We’re not like some of our competitors who are just working for the paycheck and end up doing a rushed and inefficient job, we truly care about our clients and want them to get professional construction services at a fair and reasonable price. That’s why this blog will be discussing why you shouldn’t wait after noticing signs of foundation damage and call us immediately.

The Longer You Wait, The Worse It Will Be

As stated above, you can’t simply ignore damage when you notice cracks or other problems. With most foundation damage, the root cause is the ever-changing soil underneath. When the soil shifts, so does your foundation, however, a properly constructed foundation is made to withstand this. The soil is never going to stay consistent, so once damage begins, this shifting will only cause further issues. What started out as a simple crack that would have been easily affordable to repair, will eventually lead to extremely costly work including broken plumbing, floor repairs, window and door adjustments, and more!  

Time = Money

Just how the damage will continue to grow, so will your bill if you neglect the warning signs. While you might have been able to enjoy the luxury of not paying for your foundation repair for weeks or months, it will be a nasty wake up call when you realize that each day that you avoided the issue only added to one more charge on your bill. It’s simple, your only causing yourself more financial problems.

The Value of Your Home

If you’re ever looking to sell your home (even if not, we all know that life happens), it’s extremely important to the value of the house that the foundation is in great condition. No one looking to buy a new home is going to jump at the opportunity to spend the money, and then live, in a home that the very structure is in bad shape. If an inspector sees cracks or any other kind of damage, the ultimate value of your home will decrease significantly. So, once again, your avoidance of foundation damage will lead to more damages to your finances.  

Home Improvement

Looking to tackle some home improvement projects around the house? Maybe a renovated bathroom, or a new office room? If you have visible foundation damage, you might just want to hold off. Home improvements are ill-advised if you have an unstable foundation since any work you complete will likely become damaged, or create even more issues to your home’s structure.


Maybe the most important thing to consider when deciding on if you should call construction specialists immediately, or just ignore it, is the safety of yourself and your loved ones. An unstable foundation can lead to multiple issues within your home that puts anyone who stays there in danger. There is simply no reason to ignore easy repair work that has a snowball effect if left undone.

American Structure Inc.

If money is the reason you find yourself not wanting to call us for foundation repair, then we want you to reconsider. To ensure that you’re not struck with a bill you can’t afford or consist of hidden charges that our competitors are fond of, we give free estimates before we begin work. So if you’ve noticed cracks in your foundation, or things shifting around, don’t hesitate and call us immediately. At American Structure Inc., we are committed to our customers and their well-being and offer multiple quality structural solutions to the people of North Little Rock such as concrete repair, waterproofing, drainage systems, and more. Contact us now.