It’s important to ensure the safety and structure of your home. If you want to prevent water damage in your crawlspace or basement, which eventually leads to foundation damage, we have the solution. American Structure Inc. provides waterproofing in North Little Rock that extends past just remediation and water damage repair. Some, but not all, of the waterproofing services that we offer include waterproofing sealants, above and below grade applications, building and parking garage restoration, and more. If your home is in need of waterproofing, be sure to contact us today for your free estimate.

  1. The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

    It’s likely that your basement doesn’t get the love that it deserves. More often than not, the basement ends up becoming a place for you to store holiday decorations during the offseason, boxes containing various ins-and-outs that you’ve slowly accrued over the years, and who knows what else. However, your basement plays a vital role in the overall condition of your home. While we’re not s…Read More

  2. Waterproofing Your Home

    Although many homeowners don’t concern themselves with the waterproofing of their home, it is absolutely critical to avoid water damage to the structure and to maintain the integrity of the foundation. Without proper waterproofing, many issues will arise. Ignoring the problem and not taking corrective action immediately will only make matters worse and cause the repair bill to grow. At American …Read More