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Mold is a crafty type of fungus. Not only is it really good at finding places to fester that you wouldn’t think to look or have little chance of finding, but it can grow nearly anywhere. Mold growth in your home is nothing to be ignored. If neglected, the situation will only get worse. This is bad for the integrity of your home, as well as the air quality. When there is mold growth, it can cause serious allergic symptoms for you and your loved ones or roommates. If, by the unlucky chance, it’s black mold, the health issues can become severe.

American Structure Inc. wants to help in any way that we can. We’re here to provide you with some of the most common areas for mold to grow. After reading this post, make sure to go check these spots and look for any warning signs of mold. If you see something or even just have a suspicion, contact us for our mold remediation services in North Little Rock.


Mold’s favorite area in the house to grow is hands-down the basement and or the crawlspace. That’s because it grows best in damp and dark conditions with lower temperatures, and obviously, this describes the basement. The most common surfaces that it grows on in basements are the wooden walls or posts, and the main issue here is that it can spread along these surfaces into other areas of the house.



Another area that mold can grow that is difficult for you to find is within the air ducts. You’re obviously not going to be able to crawl in these areas to check for visible spots, but if it smells musty when your HVAC system kicks up, don’t ignore that odor!


When we say that mold grows on the wall, we don’t necessarily mean right out in the open where you can see it and think ‘yep, my house has mold.’ But as we said before, mold is very good at hiding and prefers growing in areas that are out of sight. So usually the growth will be behind the walls where you can’t see. These areas are known to be moist from humidity and an ideal spot for mold. It also loves growing behind wallpaper. If you’ve seen cracked or peeling paint or discoloration, this is likely from mold and your home requires mold remediation as soon as possible.


After the basement, the bathroom is mold’s favorite place to call home. With water constantly running and splashing around, it is able to find great damp places to grow. Most commonly it is found in the tiles and grout. Luckily, most bathroom mold you can remove yourself. If you notice it, use a sponge or scrubbing brush and scrub away!

Mold can technically grow anywhere, so if you’ve seen some of the warning signs, these aren’t the only areas to check. If you believe that your home has a problem, contact us today for mold remediation in North Little Rock!