Understanding the Causes of Foundation Settlement

Understanding the Causes of Foundation Settlement

At American Structure, we understand that your home is your sanctuary. However, foundation problems can threaten its structural integrity and safety. Identifying the causes of foundation settlement early can save you from costly repairs and maintain your home’s value. Here’s what every homeowner should know about the common causes of foundation settlement and how to address them.

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Soil Type and Moisture Content

The type of soil your home is built on plays a crucial role in foundation settlement. Soils like clay expand when wet and shrink when dry, creating movement that can lead to foundation problems. Consistent soil moisture is key to maintaining foundation stability. At American Structure, we assess the soil type and moisture levels around your property to provide effective foundation repair solutions.

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Poor Drainage

Improper drainage can lead to excessive moisture buildup around your home’s foundation, which exacerbates soil expansion and contraction. This not only leads to settlement but can also cause cracking, bowing, and other structural issues. Our team designs and implements comprehensive drainage solutions that keep water away from your foundation, preserving the integrity of your house's foundation repair efforts.

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Construction Practices

The initial construction practices used when building your home can also impact your foundation’s longevity. Poor compaction of the soil beneath the foundation or inadequate footing can lead to uneven settling. Our experts at American Structure evaluate the construction techniques used and recommend repairs or improvements to correct and prevent future settlement issues.

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External Influences

External factors such as nearby construction, heavy traffic vibrations, and even tree root growth can impact your foundation’s stability. Our team considers all external influences when assessing your foundation issues, ensuring a holistic approach to foundation repair that stands the test of time.

Understanding the causes of foundation settlement is the first step toward protecting your home. If you’re noticing signs of foundation distress, don’t wait. Contact American Structure today for a professional assessment and tailored house foundation repair solutions. Our experienced, honest, and hardworking professionals are committed to restoring and enhancing the safety and value of your home.

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