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If you’ve begun to notice that your basement is constantly flooded, or puddles consistently pool on your property, this is a clear sign that your home has a drainage issue. This is nothing to ignore. While it may just seem like a nuisance at first, if collected water is not draining correctly away from your home, then serious damage and repairs are just around the corner. Constant flooding can seriously affect the structure of your home which, in turn, puts your safety at risk and can drastically drop the value of the house if you’re looking to eventually sell.

At American Structure Inc, we’ve got the structural solutions you need to fix these problems before they become large and costly home improvement projects. While you may cringe at the thought of spending the money on an advanced drainage system, it will actually save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. While we provide a variety of residential drainage services in North Little Rock, one of the most common drainage systems we use are single & double barrel French drains. So what is a French drain? Read this post to find out and contact us today to request a free estimate.



To put things in layman’s terms, French drains are an underground drainage system used to redirect water away from your structure’s foundation to keep it safe and dry. With the foundation determining the integrity of your entire house, proper drainage is obviously important. Over the years French drains have become one of, if not the, most utilized and effective methods to control the path of water. Some of the most common uses of French drains are:

  • To keep water out of the basement (deep French drains).
  • To divert surface water (shallow curtain drain).
  • To prevent water from entering your home (interior French drain).
  • To prevent pressure on a retaining wall.


There are two types of French drains, exterior and interior, and they differ as follows:

  • Exterior French Drain – To state the obvious, exterior French drains are utilized away from your home, along the foundation, to properly direct water. Often consisting of a trench around your landscaping to prevent clogs caused by dirt and/or roots which causes pooling.
  • Interior French Drain – Is your basement always wet? This when an interior French drain is to be used. Cutting a channel around the basement floor and having perforated pipe laid out, the water will collect in a tank (instead of your basement) and will be redirected away from your foundation.


This is the most simplified explanation of French drainage systems, there is obviously a lot more involved with them that helps waterproof your property, which we will get into in future blogs. If you’re suffering from drainage issues, there’s no time to wait, contact the experts at American Structure Inc. and we’ll come out to determine what needs to be done and will offer you a free quote. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, so we make sure to do the job right, the first time so that you’re only spending the amount of money that’s appropriate. Call today!