Four Tips To Prevent Home Foundation Damage From Drainage Issues

At American Structure Inc., we care about your home and its foundation. As trusted foundation contractors in Little Rock, AR, we understand the importance of maintaining a solid and stable foundation to protect your investment. One common cause of foundation damage is poor drainage.

Water accumulation around your home can lead to soil erosion, shifting, and ultimately compromise the structural integrity of your foundation. In this article, we will share four valuable tips to help you prevent home foundation damage from drainage issues and how we can help you achieve a nice and dry home. Contact us today to repair your foundation and waterproof your home.


Evaluate Your Drainage System

A properly functioning drainage system is crucial for directing water away from your home's foundation. Regularly inspect your gutters, downspouts, and drainpipes to ensure they are free from debris and effectively channel water away. Consider installing gutter guards — a relatively cheap and easy solution to prevent clogs and extend the life of your gutters.


Grade Your Landscape

The slope of your landscape should be designed to encourage water to flow away from your home. Improper grading can lead to water pooling around the foundation, increasing the risk of damage. Consult with professional contractors like us to assess your landscape and make necessary adjustments to ensure proper water drainage.


Install a Basement Drainage System

If you have a basement, installing a basement drainage system can be a proactive measure to prevent water damage. A well-designed system, such as a French drain or sump pump, can effectively divert water away from your foundation, keeping it dry and stable.


Maintain Foundation Waterproofing

Regularly inspect and maintain the waterproofing on your foundation. Seal any cracks or gaps to prevent water intrusion. Additionally, consider applying a waterproofing sealant to protect your foundation from moisture damage. Our professional team can assist you with foundation repairs and waterproofing solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Taking proactive steps to address drainage issues can save you from costly foundation repairs down the road. American Structure Inc. is here to help you protect your home and investment. Our hardworking and honest team of professionals in Little Rock specializes in foundation repair, drainage solutions, basement waterproofing, and much more. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us assist you in ensuring the longevity and stability of your home's foundation. Don't wait until it's too late — act now to prevent foundation damage caused by drainage issues.

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