Learn how to identify a foundation issue before it becomes a bigger problem!

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Conducting a visual walkthrough of your property’s foundation annually is a great way to catch a foundation issue before it becomes unmanageable. Still, you have to know what to look for before you can spot problems. Today, American Structure Inc., Arkansas’ top-rated foundation repair specialists, have four signs to look for when addressing foundation issues with your home.

cracked wall

Cracks In Your Foundation

Any type of break or fracture found in the foundation of your home should be treated as an immediate repair to ensure the least amount of damage is done to your property. Over time, these cracks and fissures can lead to your home shifting. When that happens, gaps in the foundation become a severe concern. Your Top-Rated Local® specialists at American Structure Inc. can help you diagnose foundation issues and implement a plan to repair the problems. We provide helical pile installations, concrete shoring wall installations, and other foundation repair solutions throughout Arkansas.

uneven floor

Uneven Floors

Are you noticing that when spills happen, the liquid tends to move in a specific direction? Do your child’s toys roll to one side of the house when being played with? Chances are, you have a foundation issue. If the gradient of the floor is more than one or two inches every 15 feet, it’s time to be concerned. Give American Structure Inc. a call today to book your free quote, and we can determine if your foundation is at risk.

wall separated from floorWalls Pulling Away From The Home

If you’ve started to notice that one of the walls in your home is beginning to separate from the foundation, you may have a massive problem on your hands. If this situation isn’t corrected immediately, the wall itself can collapse, causing damage and even injury. If you’re currently experiencing this problem, give American Structure Inc. a call today to book an appointment. We have decades of experience in correcting foundation issues and providing repair.  

bugs in the home

More Insects Inside Your Home

Every time you head down into your basement, are you running down with a can of Raid to protect yourself? Bugs such as centipedes, silverfish, earwigs, carpenter ants, and cockroaches are drawn to wet basements and often gain access by making their way through cracks in the foundation. A visit and estimate from American Structure Inc. can help identify weak spots in your foundation and provide foundation repair to keep the insects out and the inside dry!

The best way to address foundation issues is to understand what brought on the problem in the first place and then tailor a foundation repair solution that you can implement quickly and effectively. Call us today! With over 75 years of experience, American Structure Inc. is your number one choice for foundation repair.

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